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Accounting and finance are critical to the survival and growth of a business, but can quickly become intimidating and overwhelming. Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way. ScaleFactor combines innovative digital tools with financial expertise to bring a fresh approach to accounting and finance. Our focus includes accounting, tax and overall CFO strategy. It's never been easier for companies to work with carefully vetted financial experts they trust and get access to data and insights that can transform their business.

Founded with our own startup roots, we understand that running a business is different than keeping a business running. We’ve found that many clients are great at what they do, but find value in knowing that an expert is helping manage their accounting and finance functions. These tasks can be confusing, time consuming and quickly become a burden on business owners who are busy managing their operation. We aim to take that burden off the business owner so that they can direct their focus on doing what they love.


ScaleFactor utilizes RoboAccounting to increase efficiency and provide consistently accurate back office functionality. Our experts provide a deep layer of financial insights, educating clients about their complex situations and enabling business owners to understand what their options are, how specific situations will impact their business and ultimately empower them to make informed strategic and financial decisions.


Get the right foundation with our comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping. Operating as your internal department or by assisting your current team, we're skilled accountants focused on operational efficiency. We'll handle the back office so you can direct your energy on the business.


Our experts have the experience and skill to assess, strategize and execute on a variety of financial needs. Providing reliable CFO Solutions, we're here to help as your business needs come up. We offer strategic Budget & Forecast, Fundraising & Valuation and Custom KPI solutions.


A rockstar tax team focused on compliance filings, business formation, Merger & Acquisitions, IRS issues and more. We provide clarity to complex technical issues and transactions, helping you understand how changes impact your business to reduce risk, deal with the past and plan ahead. 


We create automated environments using innovative digital technologies, focusing our attention where business operations meet accounting to create scalable solutions. With your KPI dashboard, you can securely access important financial insights at your fingertips.

By providing consistent back office accounting, data-backed growth insights and structured engagements, ScaleFactor enables companies to focus on their business and passion. Send us a note or call our office at 512-593-2999 to find out how ScaleFactor can power growth for your company.

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